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Description of World Chef

Manage your own successful restaurant and become an international cooking superstar in World Chef.

It’s time for you to start your own business. World Chef lets you build an amazing restaurant from the ground up, a place that will be known for its incredible waiters, satisfied customers and, more importantly, for its unbelievable world cuisine!

What’s your favorite kind of food? Chinese? Mexican? Italian? American? In this game, you can hire chefs from 20 different nationalities and create incredible dishes with recipes from all around the world!

What’s your restaurant going to be called? What food will it serve? What will the rooms and decorations look like? How big will it be? You are the boss and the business is entirely yours. You decide everything!

Create unique decorations in the Design Studio to make your restaurant look like no other!

It’s also all about the quality of your food! All your ingredients should be nice and healthy. Buy yourself all the fresh ingredients and trade at the docs for more exotic ingredients from other corners of the world.

Keep your customers satisfied! From time to time, you’ll get VIPs coming into your restaurant and you’ll need to be quick and efficient in the way you cook and serve food. Your success will be a huge step towards your customers coming back for more and that is the ultimate goal!

Special events will need your catering too!

World Chef is a true delight and will have you coming back for more and more. An addictive Android game that offers a whole new world of fun that you can take anywhere with you and play. Have you got what it takes to manage the best restaurant in the world?

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Good App Guaranteed!

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